Yad Vashem Studies

No. 1

Edited by David Silberklang

Format: Softcover

Pages: 228

ISBN: 978-965-308-549-7


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Introduction; Dov Levin — from Partisan to Researcher (Boaz Cohen); Yeshayahu A. Jelinek (1933–2016): Pioneer Historian of Central Europe and the Holocaust (Alexander Korb); Distorting and Rewriting the History of the Holocaust in Poland: The Case of the Ulma Family Museum of Poles Saving Jews During World War II in Markowa (Jan Grabowski and Dariusz Libionka); “Two Policemen Came…”: The Auxiliary Police, the Local Administration, and the Holocaust in the Recollections of Non-Jewish Residents of the Donbas (Yuri Radchenko); Indifference?: Dutch Bystanders to the Persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands (Bart van der Boom); Before the Exodus: Czechoslovakia as a Transit Country for Jewish Refugees from Poland Until the Pogrom in Kielce, 1945–1946 (Jiří Friedl); German Federal Compensation and Restitution Laws and the Greek Jews (Anna Maria Droumpouki); Reviews: A Crime Without a Name: Review of Christian Gerlach, The Extermination of the European Jews (Omer Bartov); Refugees as a Symptom: Review of Lea Prais, Displaced Persons at Home: Refugees in the Fabric of Jewish Life in Warsaw, September 1939–July 1942 (Amos Goldberg); A Reminder of the Limits of Postwar Justice: Review of Michael J. Bazyler and Frank M. Tuerkheimer, Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust (Efraim Zuroff); Letters: The Destruction of Jews in the Carpathians and the Broader Frame of Genocide (Raz Segal); Robert Rozett replies (Robert Rozett)