KTAV Manuscript Submission

Congratulations, you have finished your manuscript and are ready to have your book published!

Before you send it to us, please read and follow these guidelines:

1. Use "Manuscript Submission" as your email's subject line.

2. In the email, please state your full name, the working title of your manuscript and its length. 

3. Write one short paragraph about yourself and one about the book 
(summary and intended audience) 

4. Attach the first 2-3 pages of your manuscript (or the full professionally edited manuscript if that is your preference) 

Ktav is proud to partner with Academic Language Experts (ALE) for pre-submission editing and translation services. If your manuscript requires a final thorough English edit or Hebrew-to-English translation, ALE offers an array of language services designed to elevate the quality of your manuscript ahead of submission. Learn more about ALE’s editing and translation services.

Come to ALE through Ktav and get a 5% discount!

5. Send your professionally edited manuscript via email to 


Please bear in mind that the minimum financial contribution for any project from an author is $15,000 which includes a minimum $10,000 advance payment.

The price is calculated based on each project's specifications and includes our inhouse services of typesetting, printing, cover design, marketing and distribution. 


We are looking forward to receiving your work!