Yad Vashem Studies

No. 1

Edited by David Silberklang

Format: Softcover

Pages: 312

ISBN: 9789653085275


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Table of Contents: Introduction; David Cesarani (1956-2015): A Historian with Breadth, Depth, and the Flair of a Raconteur (Robert Rozett); Hans Mommsen (1930-2015): A History of Cumulative Radicalization (Moshe Zimmermann); Alfred Gottwaldt (1949-2015): In Memoriam (Joel Zisenwine and Yaron Pasher); Esh Kodesh: A New Evaluation in Light of a Philological – Examination of the Manuscript (Daniel Reiser); Holocaust and Resurrection in the Teachings of Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Vogelmann (Isaac Hershkowitz); For Whom Did These Bells Toll? The Story of the Requiem for Theresienstadt (Zvi Semel and Naphtali Wagner); “Not on the Jewish Migration Route”: Finland and Polish Holocaust Survivors, 1945-1948 (Simo Muir); Between “Suffered” Memory and “Learned” Memory: The Holocaust and Jewish History in Lithuanian Museums and Memorials after 1990 (Ekaterina Makhotina); Reviews: Agency and Unpredictability – Review of Jürgen Matthäus and Mark Roseman, eds., Jewish Responses to Persecution, Volume I, 1933-1938; Alexandra Garbarini with Emil Kerenji, Jan Lambertz, and Avinoam Patt, eds., Jewish Responses to Persecution, Volume II, 1938-1940; Jürgen Matthäus with Emil Kerenji, Jan Lambertz, and Leah Wolfson, eds., Jewish Responses to Persecution, Volume III, 1941-1942; Emil Kerenji, ed., Jewish Responses to Persecution, Volume IV, 1942-1943; Leah Wolfson, ed., Jewish Responses to Persecution, Volume V, 1944-1946; Zoltán Vági, László Csősz, and Gábor Kádár, The Holocaust in Hungary: Evolution of a Genocide (Ferenc Laczó); Revisiting the Concentration Camps – Review of Kim Wünschmann, Before Auschwitz: Jewish Prisoners in the Prewar Concentration Camps (Guy Miron); Old and New Interpretations: Regarding the Origins of the Holocaust – Some Remarks on Black Earth by Timothy Snyder – Review of Timothy Snyder, Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning (Dieter Pohl); Testing the Limits of the Antonescu Regime: The Jews of Bucharest Resisting “Romanianization” – Review of Ştefan Cristian Ionescu, Jewish Resistance to “Romanianization”, 1940-44 (Raphael Vago); Preemptory and Inadvertent Antisemitism: Political Language in Weimar Germany – Review of Susanne Wein, Antisemitismus im Reichstag. Judenfeindliche Sprache in Politik und Gesellschaft der Weimarer Republik (Thomas Kühne)