Yad Vashem Studies

No. 2

By David Silberklang

Format: Softcover

Pages: 278

ISBN: 978-9653084858


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This issue of Yad Vashem Studies addresses diverse aspects of people's attitudes and behavior toward Jews during and after the Shoah. Many of those analyzed in the articles herein were 'ordinary' people, across a broad geographic and social spectrum. The research articles address Jewish calendars produced in Auschwitz-Birkenau; local Slovak attitudes toward Jews; a German medieval scholar's role in the Shoah; a rabbi's theological thought in 1940; and survivors' national identity through Yiddish in Israel. The contributors, representing a wide range of perspectives, languages, and countries, include: Alan Rosen; Eduard Nizanský; Cordelia Hess; Asaf Yedidya; Gali Drucker Bar-Am; Randolph Braham; Michael Marrus; Eliot Nidam Orvieto; Michael Shafir; and Jan Grabowski, with letters by Jan Lánícek and Florent Brayard.