Yad Vashem Studies

Volume 38:2

By Editor: David Silberklang

Format: Softcover

Pages: 238

ISBN: ISSN:0084-3296


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Table of Contents: Introduction; The Role of IG Farben-Auschwitz in the Construction of the Birkenau Extermination Camp (Eliezer Schwartz); Jewish Labor in the Smaller Ghettos in the Warthegau Region (Stephan Lehnstaedt); Jewish Refugees and Soviet Authorities during World War II (Albert Kaganovitch); The Czechoslovak Service of the BBC and the Jews during World War II (Jan Láníček); Bridging the Divide: Holocaust versus Jewish History Research — Problems and Challenges (Guy Miron); REVIEWS: Soviet Partisans and the Jews: Bogdan Musial, Sowjetische Partisanen – Mythos und Wirklichkeit (Yehuda Bauer); When Did Greek Jews Become Greek?: Katherine E. Fleming, Greece: A Jewish History (Andrew Apostolou); Plunder by Decree: Martin Dean, Robbing the Jews - The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust, 1933–1945 (Ingo Loose)