Yad Vashem Studies

Volume 40:2

By Editor: David Silberklang

Format: Softcover

Pages: 240

ISBN: ISSN:0084-3296


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Table of Contents: Introduction; Ion Popa - Miron Cristea, the Romanian Orthodox Patriarch: His Political and Religious Influence in Deciding the Fate of the Romanian Jews (February 1938-March 1939); Christine Schoenmakers - The German Gold Discount Bank (Dego) and the Persecution of the Jews 1933-1945; Stephen Tyas - Robert Barth - the Austrian Canary; Richards Plavnieks - The Pursuit, Prosecution, and Punishment of the Latvian War Criminal Viktors Arājs; Ella Florsheim - Yiddish Theater in the DP Camps; Yechiam Weitz - Prelude to the Eichmann Trial: From the Enactment of the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day Law to the War Criminal Trial; Reviews: Alan E. Steinweis - An Essential Source Collection on German Popular Opinion and the Jews - Otto Dov Kulka and Eberhard Jackel, eds., The Jews in the Secret Nazi Reports on Popular Opinion in Germany, 1933-1945 ; Moshe Zimmermann - The Eppstein Syndrome - Beate Meyer, Todliche Gratwanderung: Die Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland zwischen Hoffnung, Zwang, Selbstbehauptung und Verstrickung (1939-1945) ; Shlomo Shafir - The Quandt Family: Wealth, Responsibility, and Silence - Joachim Scholtyseck, Der Aufstieg der Quandts: Eine deutsche Unternehmerdynastie ; Simone Gigliotti - The Voice As a Human Document: Listening to Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Europe - Alan Rosen, The Wonder of Their Voices: The 1946 Holocaust Interviews of David Boder