Written Upon Our Souls

By Michael Milgraum

Format: HC

ISBN: 978-1-56871-686-2


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In this deep and stirring series of essays Michael Milgraum probes the heart of our eternal Torah, demonstrating how it is ultimately a window into our own souls. He draws from the teachings of our sages and his own insights to help us peer through that window. We discover a vista where good and evil, dark and light, truth and falsehood, self and other, and man and God encounter each other, and, in their interplay, speak of a universal harmony. But, more than this, this spiritual landscape places a charge upon each person to discover his or her individual mission and to strive to do the task in this world that he or she alone was meant to do. 

The author draws on his knowledge of Jewish wisdom and combines it with his experiences as a clinical psychologist to explore perennial themes, including:

How do we practically live with the apparent contradiction that God foresees the future, but that man is responsible for his choices? 

Why is laughter emphasized in the earliest origins of the Jewish people?

What is the Torah’s definition of living a life of meaning?

Are religion and science compatible?

Do the ancient texts of Judaism still have relevance in a world that is so different from when they were written?

Look within to find a penetrating discussion of these and many other themes…

Michael Milgraum is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, former attorney and author, who has a private practice in Kensington, Maryland.