Women of Courage

Persevere, Empower, Inspire

By Robin Assa

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-1602804425


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Women of Courage will reach the hearts of many women across the United States.

It is a book for women who are studying a profession and have families but still focus on being a good wife and mother. Most women are jugglers: they enjoy multitasking. Women of Courage will inspire young women who are trying to figure out how to ''do it all'' and remain steadfast in her goals. Women of Courage includes chapters of a woman's life and will teach women how to navigate through each stage with positivity and hope for a bright future. The book features interviews with prominent, professional working moms who have found success and happiness in their home life and their careers. Seeing how others have accomplished success and happiness in their lives will inspire my readers to follow in the footsteps of these accomplished women.

Women of Courage should inspire women to pursue her desired profession while using her strength to maintain an aura of positivity and personal growth.

A woman needs to know that life comes with personal challenges and she can overcome any obstacle by maintaining her confidence and drive while remaining calm and focused. It is her choice to create a family of happy, positive children who will be inspired by a a mom who is courageous and ''goes for it.'' The concept is that her family always comes first before the career, but she can ''do it all'' if she is happy with herself and the choices she makes.

Robin Assa, born in Brooklyn, New York was married to an intelligent, humble computer technician Mike (Moshe) Assa A'H and is a mother and grandmother. She is a writer and a corporate paralegal who worked for several years in various positions including book publishing (sales side), public relations and as a corporate paralegal in a prestigious law firm. She has recently chosen to concentrate on her writing and Women of Courage is her first non-fiction novel which she wanted to write since she was in high school. Robin enjoys writing, loves to swim, speed walk and spends her leisure time with her grandchildren and close friends. She brings her personal experience on how to navigate through life's challenges that have made her stronger and more determined. She has recently completed her first children's adventure book entitled Creatures Beneath the Sea which she hopes to publish next.