Women at the Seder

A Passover Haggadah

By Joel Wolowelsky

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Women at the Seder
A Passover Haggadah
Rabbi Dr. Joel Wolowelsky
Women at the Seder is a traditional Passover Haggadah whose commentary celebrates of one of the great transformations of the Torah community during this past century: the emergence of women from the privacy of their home "tents" to the public arena of the synagogue and Torah study halls, without abandoning in any way their central traditional role as the cornerstone of the home and family. The Rabbis had long ago acknowledged that it was in the merit of our righteous women that Israel was redeemed from slavery. The Passover seder - the home celebration of our national liberation - is an appropriate place to acknowledge and honor women's expanded role in our public as well as private religious life.
The commentary includes rabbinic comments on women associated with the Exodus, a discussion of those relevant aspects of Jewish law that apply to women, and homilies - divrei Torah by women for the seder, many written especially for this volume. In a generation, it should seem quaint that it was noteworthy that women's divrei Torah constituted a significant part of a Haggadah commentary. That will be cause for yet additional rejoicing, as women's contributions on all levels of Torah scholarship will have become even more commonplace.
Praise for Women at the Seder
Dr. Wolowelsky had devoted much time to the advancement of the Jewish woman and has been consistent through the years. Now he presents us with many wonderful ways to observe the Passover seder with women enjoying full equality.
~ Rabbi Emmanuel Rackman, Chancellor, Bar Ilan University
We read in the Haggadah: "Whoever elaborates on the story of the Exodus deserves praise." So praise to Joel Wolowolsky for highlighting the critical roles that women played in the miracle of the Exodus. This new Haggadah elaborates on the traditional text with further Torah sources and wonderful Midrashim; it would be a valuable addition to anyone's Seder.
~ Carol Newman, President, JOFA