Why Bad Things Happen to Good People: The Hidden Book Answers (VOLUME IV - Atheism v Real Judaism set of 4)

By David M. Sands M.A.

Format: HC

Pages: 208

ISBN: 978-1-56871-707-4

Targum Press

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“Why the unfair suffering?  Why me? What’s it all mean?” “Why are millions of creatures dying in agony - unknown to us, at this very moment?”

The “Law of the Jungle”? Sorry. Too easy an answer.

We want solid, utterly logical and rational answers. No sentiment, pious condescension, empty semantics or deep sighs.

This often very funny, surprisingly easy but serious read now discloses for all a carefully-hidden, ancient source of ultimate logic, cerebral virtuosity and inescapable solutions. 

Learn that the stunning Aramaic Talmud has for two millennia sustained the only absolutely non-faith religion through the worst experiences. Book 1 proved Real Judaism beyond any judicial doubt. Now, at last, we deal with your toughest questions. But first we must learn in depth of this hidden, ultimately brilliant text – which holds the complex algorithm providing, at last, intellectual peace. Taste its genius.

The author, a Rabbi, was a leading orchestral musician, an Oxford English scholar, a lawyer, Head of four schools, and a psychology lecturer. He enjoys being an iconoclast.