WEIGH YOUR WORDS and Throw Away Your Scale!

The Jewish Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

By Gloria Davidson and Hope Stanger

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-56871-607-7


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Welcome to a New World of Weight Loss where the power of positive speaking helps you lose weight and feel great!

The Authors created this book as a 26-day tool using the letters of the alphabet to be “as easy as ABC” – because that’s what the process of weight loss should be.

Make this your favorite new accessory! Tuck it inside your bag for support throughout the day like a best friend to cheer you on.

This book will teach you how to change your cravings into positive beliefs for weight-loss success so you can finally Weigh Your Words and Throw Away Your Scale!

This book is full of sincerity, practical advice, and better living for all Jewish women. Since it is targeted to help with the nutritional guidelines that they might be struggling with, which are not only limited to overeating or an eating disorder, I recommend that it be read carefully one section at a time with ample review for the best results.

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein

Founder and Director of Ohr Naava