Waste Not, Want Not Kosher Cookbook

Creative Ways to Serve Yesterday’s Meal

By Yaffa Fruchter

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 152 full-color pages

ISBN: 978-160-280-336-7


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WASTE NOT, WANT NOT Kosher Cookbook promotes a unique and exciting approach to making leftovers new again. Boasting a collection of over 120 innovative recipes, this cookbook offers a comprehensive guide of the best, safest, and most delicious ways to use what’s on hand and eat well. To curb her own food-waster’s guilt, Yaffa Fruchter developed creative ways of using available ingredients to produce excellent new dishes that will change the way you look at last night’s meals – 30 recipes that use cooked chicken, 15 that use bread and challah, and much more.

 A consummate "balabusta" (homemaker), Yaffa Fruchter has been cooking from a young age. With experience running an upscale restaurant to cooking for her growing family in New York, Yaffa has been honing her skills for decades.