Varieties of Jewish Experience

By Aharon Lichtenstein



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Rabbi Lichtenstein addresses crucial issues facing contemporary Jews - including spirituality, marriage, fear of Heaven, egalitarianism, philanthropy, Religious Zionism and inter-denominational relations - with his characteristic blend of depth, scope, erudition, eloquence, and profound moral and religious sensitivity.
Table of Contents:
1. "Of Marriage: Relationship and Relations"
2. "Law and Spirituality: Defining the Terms"
3. "Contemporary Impediments to Yirat Shamayim"
4. "Talmud and Ma'aseh in Pirkei Avot"
5. "Formulating Responses in an Egalitarian Age: An Overview"
6. "To Double Business Bound: Reflections on the Divided Life of Ovdei Hashem"
7. "Diaspora Religious Zionism: Some Current Reflections"
8. "Communal Governance, Lay and Rabbinic: An Overview"
9. "Jewish Philanthropy - Whither?"
10. "Beyond the Pale? An Overview Regarding Relations to Non-Orthodox Jews"
11. "Diaspora Religious Zionism"