Torah Mysteries Illuminated

Intriguing Insights into the Essence of Major Torah Topics of Contemporary Relevance

By Thomas Furst

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 255

ISBN: 978-9655241945


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This book is a collection of fascinating discussions related to Jewish thought. From holidays to daily commandments, Thomas Furst articulates an original approach in understanding fundamental questions and lessons in Judaism, including the implications of Shabbat and the importance of learning Torah in Israel. The essays provide clear answers for broad questions that focus on laws and traditions which stem from the Hebrew Bible.

Praise for Torah Mysteries Illuminated

“With probing analysis, profound wisdom and an unusually gifted question-and-answer style, the author takes on a host of crucial and fundamental issues of Jewish life and law, and embellishes them with meaning we had never suspected. This is a book to educate, to inspire and to treasure.”
~ Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Professor of Talmud, Yeshiva University

“Tom Furst has invested many years, and his considerable intelligence and insight, into delving into matters of Jewish law and life in ways that animate the Torah’s wise teachings. He role models for us all what la-asok b’divrei Torah means – to make Torah one’s preoccupation, especially when it is not one’s professional occupation. Kol ha-kavod on this special accomplishment.”
~ Dr. Erica Brown, Author of "Happier Endings" and "Inspired Jewish Leadership"

“In this volume, Thomas Furst demonstrates the wealth of wisdom that lies within the Torah and actively encourages the reader to seek that wisdom. With sharp insight and cogent style, he travels along enriching paths of analysis and boldly uncovers new layers of meaning in the text. I am very pleased to recommend this work.”
~ Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Author of "Unlocking the Torah Text"

“Thomas Furst has written an insightful and original commentary on major Torah topics. His thoughts are at many times profound and suffused with wisdom, understanding and faith. His work shows us once again the depth and breadth of Torah and its relevance to all times. Any Jewish library will be enhanced by the inclusion of this work in it.”
~ Rabbi Berel Wein, Best-selling author

About The Author

Thomas Furst, a descendant of the Chasam Sofer, is a son of Holocaust survivors. The author attended Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, is a graduate of McGill University, received an MBA from the University of Michigan and a law degree from the University of Toronto. He is a real estate attorney in Manhattan. The author lives with his family in Great Neck, New York, where he is an active member of the Great Neck Synagogue. Born in Czechoslovakia, he is named after Thomas Masaryk, a three-time President of Czechoslovakia who was a great friend of the Jewish people. The author can be contacted through his website