Torah For Its Intended Purpose

Selected Writings (1988–2013)

By Gordon Tucker

Format: Softcover

Pages: 313

ISBN: 978-965-524-189-1


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Torah For Its Intended Purpose: Selected Writings (1988-2013) is a book of 21 new as well as previously published articles on a wide range of topics. The relationship between Israel, the Jewish world and the world at large, theology and exegesis, and homiletics are all discussed in this diverse volume.

The scholarship and spirituality of this work is balanced with a leaning towards social activism.

About the Author

Gordon Tucker has served for 25 years on the Rabbinical Assembly Committee on Jewish Law and Standards and is the former dean of the Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is the adjunct assistant professor of Jewish thought at the Seminary as well. Living in White Plains, New York, he has been the senior rabbi at Temple Israel Center in White Plains for 20 years.