To Play with Fire

One Woman’s Remarkable Odyssey

By Tova Mordechai

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Author: Tova Mordechai

My life is being driven by an unknown force. I must allow myself to be driven, because if I don't, I fear the outcome. My whole life has never been what I want, but always tainted with what He wants. Sometimes, it has only been slightly colored, other times fully dyed, but there has always been at least a tiny show of color somewhere. Dear Father in heaven, You know all about me. You read me like an open book. I see myself as a dirty, crumpled book, tattered and torn. The contents of the book are superb… but the only thing is, the pages are so dirty you can hardly read the writing. But You can read it, Father. You know every word. Only You in this whole wide world can help me. I think I'm in a bigger mess than I imagine. I know it's my fault. I don't blame You for one moment. I don't blame anyone. Only myself.

How does Tonica Marlow, an envangelical female minister, find her way to becoming Tova Mordechai, an Orthodox, practicing Jew? To Play With Fire is the riveting tale of one who rose through the ranks of her religion, educated and ordained at a noted theological seminary - not only as a minister, but as a “prophetess” of her faith - while remaining unfulfilled, despairing and numb inside. Born the daughter of an Egyptian Jewish mother and a British Protestant evangelical father, Tova Mordechai presents the powerful real-life account of her tumultuous journey to Judaism as she grapples with Christianity and finds freedom in her Jewish roots.

Tova Mordechai resides in Safed, Israel with her husband and four children. She is the assistant to the directors at the Chaya Mushka and Machon Alte seminaries. Tova also lectures throughout the world on being Jewish in contemporary society.

Softcover, 447 pages
ISBN 965-7108-35-7
Publication: February 2002