Thinking God

The Mysticism of Rabbi Zadok Hakohen Of Lublin

By Alan Brill

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Reb Zadok HaKohen of Lublin (1823-1900) was one of the most innovative hasidic thinkers of the second half of the nineteenth century, one of a chain of thinkers that included the "Kotzker Rebbe," among others, all of whom were thoroughly aware of the new intellectual trends sweeping Europe in their time.
Thinking God is the first full-length study in English of this prolific, profound and, in some ways, iconoclastic thinker. In studying Reb Zadok's blend of ecstatic hasidism and intellectual Talmud study. Brill explores R. Zadok's views on the psychology of spirituality, with particular attention to the question of spiritual growth, determinism and pluralism. R. Zadok's thought will be of interest not only students of hasidic and Eastern Jewish European thought, but also to students of mysticism and the philosophy and psychology of religion, as well as those interested in the ways in which traditional or traditionalist thinkers responded to the challenges of modernity.
Alan Brill is Assistant Professor of Jewish Philosophy at Yeshiva University.