The Zivug

The Secret Of The Zivug According To The Zohar

By Chaim Siegel

Format: Softcover

Pages: 128

ISBN: 978-1-56871-582-7

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The Zohar, the source of Jewish Mysticism, holds a two thousand year old secret. The fall of our world in every generation, dating back to the first man, centers on intimacy gone wrong. The secrets to re-revealing G-d and bringing redemption are dependent on topics that have been taboo in the past. Kabbalists studying such topics take it seriously, but the rest of the world is unaware. These concepts have not been revealed to the rest of us until now – in particular, the concept of zivug. In a world fraught with divorce, depression, disease and lack of direction, understanding the concept of zivug will bring us understanding of the core root and the rectification to create a better, happier life. Whether we are religious or not, logic allows us to reconsider what brought us through our history to this point today. Then we can actualize simple solutions to help us and the world rise to our purpose and potential. In our day and age, when G-d comes in to help based on our actions and that is apparent to us, we call that a miracle.