The Tree of Life Haggadah and Songbook

By Deborah Weiss

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-56871-678-7


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The family friendly TREE OF LIFE HAGGADAH AND SONGBOOK inspires Passover Seders that embrace traditional Judaism in a contemporary context, while resonating with Seder participants from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds. Providing meaningful narrative that joyfully engages the participants in a story of finding freedom and reaching our own promised lands, we are able to reflect on the journey of the Jewish people who followed their dreams almost 4000 years ago, while setting intentions for our own goals of internal and external freedom.
The accompanying Songbook contains 12 Passover songs with musical notation and English transliterations, making it easy to enjoy Seders full of song and light, generation after generation. 

The days, weeks and months have passed and we enter the spring season once again. Though we pass through the same festivals in the same seasons year after year, we move not in a circle, but in a spiral. Unlike the circle that repeats infinitely, the spiral is additive and each time we pass through the same season, it is with spiritual breadth and expansion acquired in the year past. It is our prayer to understand and experience gratitude for the gifts that come with this spiritual expansion.

The story of Passover can be illuminated by imagining the voices of those who participated in the journey.
I was born in the land of Ur Kasdim and lived a simple life until one day I heard the voice of God calling me to leave. I took my wife Sarah, my nephew Lot and all my animals and belongings… (cont’d)
I heard the voice of God call me: “Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will go with you, and I will surely bring you back again” (Genesis 46: 3-4)…(cont’d)
“With seventy souls we went down to Egypt, and now God has made us as numerous as the stars of heaven” (Deuteronomy 10:22). Things were good for my family while I served as Vizier to the Pharoah….(cont’d)
But even with the heavy handed labor afflicted upon us, we did multiply and gain strength…(cont’d)
My people suffered and were tortured in Egypt. “And we cried unto the Lord God of our fathers and God heard our voice and saw our affliction and our travail” (Deuteronomy 26:7)“…(cont’d)
My husband Moses wanted to be sure that he could carry out the decree of God and he asked: “What if they do not believe me..(cont’d)
The TREE OF LIFE HAGGADAH Includes Hebrew, English, English Transliterations, and music with English transliterations.  Beautiful and uplifting illustrations throughout.