The Tanakh

With The Shabbat and Weekday Prayers

By Saul Sadka

Edited by Saul Sadka

Format: Leather Bound

Pages: 1800

ISBN: 978-1602804784

Ktav Publishing House

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This revolutionary new edition of the Hebrew text of the Tanakh breaks the books of the Hebrew Scriptures down into their narrative and poetic elements, allowing the advanced Hebrew reader to instantly understand the parsing of the ancient text, greatly accelerating reading speed and enhancing comprehension and recollection. This is the third book in the series elucidating a new paradigm for the study of the Hebrew Scriptures. The project that began in 2019 will continue with the first of two volumes of the forthcoming Hebrew-English Tanakh (based on this edition), with a new translation and a extensive commentary, due out in mid 2022. All purchasers of this book are invited to sign up to receive regular weekly previews of the Hebrew-English edition. The text of Tanakh is not translated in this edition, though there is an 80,000 word set of introductions to the books of Tanakh in English and full English indices. In addition to the full Hebrew text of Tanakh there are over 20 diagrams, illustrations and maps. The full text of the annual Ashkenazic custom prayer book is also ncluded, though not the prayers for the New Year or the Day of Atonement.

The book is printed on high quality Bible paper, and is bound in faux-leather with full gilding and rounded corners for ease of use. Three bookmarks are provided.