The Sabbath Epistle of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

By Morechai S. Goodman

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The Sabbath Epistle ('iggeret haShabbat) is a treatise written by Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra in the year 1158 while he was residing in England. The impetus for his writing this treatise was a note by a Biblical exegete that the Torah's "day" extended from one dawn to the following dawn. Ibn Ezra was appalled by this comment and composed an extensive letter in which he clarified the Torah's definition of a day, a month, and a year. In so doing, Ibn Ezra also expounded on the meaning of some difficult verses of the Bible.
About the Translator
Mordechai S. Goodman is Professor Emeritus at Dominican University, River Forest, IL, where he taught for 39 years in the Department of Mathematics. Dr. Goodman has Rabbinical Ordination from Bais HaMidrash LaTorah - Hebrew Theological College, Skokie, IL, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. He has published numerous articles on the works of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra and recently completed a corrected and annotated edition of Ibn Ezra's commentary to Job. Dr. Goodman is married to the former Hadassah Sanft and together they have four children.