The Relationship of Orthodox Jews with Jews of Other Religious Ideologies and Non-Believing Jews

Edited by Adam Mintz

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The Relationship of Orthodox Jews with Jews of Other Religious Ideologies and Non-Believing Jews
The Orthodox Forum

In the past two decades, formal denominational relationships organizationally in Jewish life have declined and yet the interaction between Orthodox Jews and non-Orthodox Jews on personal and family levels and in the work place has never been greater.
While there is no dramatic statistical increase in Orthodox affiliation, there is documented evidence that Orthodoxy today is a growing movement with a young, knowledgeable and observant constituency. A critical question for Orthodoxy today is whether it will see itself as a sectarian movement or one that eagerly embraces concerns facing the Jewish people as a whole.
Despite an increase in the rate of intermarriage among American Jews, there is a current trend towards increased Jewish identification as expressed in the religious, cultural and political arenas within the framework of the Jewish community. It is for this reason that The Orthodox Forum has chosen to analyze these notable changes taking place in both the Orthodox and non-Orthodox community.
As the phenomenon of engagement Jewishly by the non-Orthodox has been welcomed in most circles, it has created a special challenge for the Orthodox community. How is the Orthodox community to maintain its strict commitment to the ritual and theological foundations of Judaism while at the same time recognizing the actions of these groups and individuals who, while rejecting many religious norms, have chosen to join the Jewish community in serious and substantive ways?
This volume offers a wide range of historical, theological, Halakhic, educational and communal perspectives on the challenges and considerations faced by those who endeavor to build bridges with believing and non-believing Jews in our community, while steadfastly maintaining their sacred commitments.