The Rav on Tefillah

An Anthology of Teachings by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on Jewish Prayer

Edited by Jay Goldmintz

Pages: 344

ISBN: 978-1602804999

Ktav Publishing House

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“The Rav’s contribution to our understanding of tefillah is immense. As can be seen in the pages of this volume, there was no aspect of tefillah to which the Rav did not devote his remarkable intellectual capability as well as his deep religious sensitivity, his whole mind with his whole heart and soul. It was a subject to which the Rav returned again and again, in his shiurim, public lectures, and written works. Rabbi Goldmintz has performed a great service to the Jewish people by collating the Rav’s multifarious teachings on this fundamental area of Judaism, presenting them with helpful introductions and adding context which allows the reader to appreciate the Rav’s contributions and gain greater understanding.”

– Rabbi Menachem Genack