The Medical Legacy of Moses Maimonides

By Fred Rosner

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From Booklist Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) was born in Spain but lived most of his life in Egypt, where he was physician to the court and leader of the Jewish community. Known by his acronym, Ram-bam, he completed his acclaimed commentary on the Mishnah when he was 30. There is nothing to indicate that Maimonides had any formal medical education, yet he began the practice of medicine in 1166. Gathered here is a compilation of essays pertaining to 10 medical books written by Maimonides, as well as essays that extract medical discussions from his Mishneh Torah, Guide of the Perplexed, Commentary on the Mishnah, and other works. The topics discussed include ophthalmology, the principles of surgery, geriatrics, diseases of the chest and heart, headaches, hemophilia, obstetrics, dentistry, urology, urinalysis, and circumcision. There also are discussions involving hygiene and preventive medicine (yes, he does recommend chicken soup), and longevity. George Cohen