The Making of the Messiah, 2048

By Gidon Rothstein

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-56871-673-2


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You never expect the Messiah to die, even if you’ve been preparing for it for years. Not if you’re his son, the new Messiah, anointed one; not if you’re the priests who staff the Temple the old Messiah built; not if you’re the scholars of the Sanhedrin, the High Court he restored. Especially not if you’re an ordinary Jew, used to gliding along in Messianic Israel.

Everyone’s got to figure out their new lives, and The Making of the Messiah, 2048 allows us to watch them do it in real time. With the return of Rachel Tucker, our favorite ABC Newswoman, and Reuven HaOzer, Levi and proprietor of The Temple Grounds, best coffee within five kilometers of the Temple, see how reality shifts, how people adjust, and the new world they find, when they have to take the son and help him fill the very large shoes of his father, in The Making of the Messiah, 2048.


Gidon Rothstein has taught in university, high school, and adult education, has served as a community rabbi, and is the author of acclaimed Jewish works, including the first volume of this trilogy, Murderer in the Mikdash. He lives in Riverdale, NY with his family.