The Light of the Ben Ish Chai on Megillas Koheles

The Torah Guidebook to a Life of Joy

Translated by Yerachmiel Bratt

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-56871-668-8


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The Light of the Ben Ish Chai on Megillas Koheles is a translation of the Ben Ish Chai’s commentary on the Book of Koheles. The Ben Ish Chai masterfully illuminates the text through pardes exposition. Pardes is exposition of 1) pshat, the plain meaning of the verse; 2) remez, holy numerical exposition; 3) drash, extrinsic source exposition and 4) sod, kabbalah. The Ben Ish Chai weaves all into this work along with memorable allegories to delight readers and bring out the shine of Torah.

This sefer should be a core part of everyone’s library and will benefit both the advanced and beginner scholar. Sefer Koheles cannot be understood simply by a superficial read; the Ben Ish Chai brings out the sefer’s beautiful themes of wisdom and modesty, which are the hallmark of the Jewish people. 

Acclaim for
The Light of the Ben Ish Chai on Megillas Esther

We thank our dear friend, Rabbi Yerachmiel Bratt, for making this sefer available to the English speaking public. Rav Yerachmiel is a true Torah scholar who knows that hasmadah is the key to Torah scholarship. I have had the privilege of watching his diligence and devotion to limud HaTorah...And I am proud to call him a friend. Let us hope and pray that the life and teachings of the Ben Ish Chai will inspire us, as I know they have inspired him. 

 Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Author
The Laws of Ribbis, (Artscroll 1995)
Pathways of the Prophets, (Artscroll 2009)

There is a phrase which is used to depict an outstanding sefer – beautiful wisdom in a beautiful vessel. This would serve as an appropriate description of R’ Yerachmiel Bratt’s The Light of the Ben Ish Chai. The wisdom of the exalted Master, zt”l, is presented to the modern reader in a manner that makes Torah accessible to every individual. More power to the author.

Rabbi Dovid Cohen
Rav, Congregation Gvul Yaavetz
Brooklyn, NY

To our loss, the erudition of the Ben Ish Chai has been largely unknown in the Ashkenazic community.  Yerachmiel Bratt has now made the wisdom of this outstanding scholar readily accessible to all.  He has succeeded in combining lucidity in translation with fidelity to the original.  This classic text will serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration to scholar and student alike.

Rabbi J. David Bleich
Rosh Yeshiva and Rosh Kollel Le’Horaah
Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary