The Jews and the Crusaders

By Shlomo Eidelberg

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The Jews of Christian Europe were the first victims of the Crusaders' zeal, and the survivors produced accounts of the massacres they had witnessed. "The Jews and the Crusaders" contains a full English translation of these chronicles, which cover the First and Second Crusades - years in which a wave of of slaughter and suicide swept the Jews of France and Germany, and demonstrated the Jews' stubborn refusal to abandon their faith. Shlomo Eidelberg has translated four important primary documents from the original Hebrew, providing a perspective on the Crusades that has until now remained relatively obscure in the English-speaking world, thus serving both historians of early Christian Europe ad Judaic scholars.
Professor Shlomo Eidelberg has published numerous articles and books on Jewish history, including "The Responsa of Rabbenu Gershon Meor haGola" (Lorraince, 960-1028) and "Jewish Life in Austria in the Fifteenth Century." Professor Eidelberg is a fellow and Member of the Executive Board of the World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.