The Hallah Book

Recipes, History and Traditions

By Freda Reider

Format: Hardcover


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The Hallah Book
Recipes, History and Traditions
Freda Reider
More than just a cookbook.
The Hallah Book provides easy-to-follow directions for over twenty different hallah recipes from around the world. It traces the sources of those customs around the making, serving, and ritual consuming of hallah from biblical times to the present, and this volume also introduces the reader to nearly a dozen traditional hallahs created by a diverse range of Jewish communities, from Eastern Europe to the Judeo-Spanish and Oriental traditions. It also contains a special section about the significance of hallah covers.
About the Author
Fred Reider teaches at the University of San Francisco's Fromm Institute and for the San Francisco Community College District. Married and the mother of three sons, she is the co-founder of JACOB, an organization devoted to the expression of Jewish identity, values, and tradition through art.