The Gurs Haggadah

Passover in Perdition

By Bella Gutterman

Edited by Bella Gutterman, Noomi Morgenshter, Aryeh Ludvig Tsukerman

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 104

ISBN: 978-1930143333

Yad Vashem Publications

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Reveals how the inmates of the Gurs Concentration Camp, in France, continued to live a religious and spiritual life despite the everyday hardships and terrors. Includes a facsimile of the hand written Haggadah used by the inmates to celebrate Passover, the Holiday of Freedom. A section is devoted to the life of the rabbi who helped the inmates survive the rigors of the camp.

  • This is the first book in English on the Gurs Concentration Camp in France
  • The Editors work for Yad Vashem, the world renown Holocaust Museum and publisher of Holocaust books and material. They themselves survived the Gurs Concentration Camp.
  • Photographs and illustrations of the Gurs Camp featured throughout.
  • Reproduction of the hand written Haggadah by the rabbi of Gurs who pieced the service together from memory by one of the community leaders and edited by the Rabbi of Gurs.