The Four-Front War

From the Holocaust to the Promised Land

By William R. Perl

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From the Holocaust to the Promised Land

The Most Daring Rescue Operation of the Century

It was an underground railroad. It foiled the Nazis; it foiled the British; it survived against the elements; and it beat the skepticism of its own people. It saved 40,000 Jews from mass extermination.

Here, for the first time, the complete story of the greatest rescue operation of the century is told. It is an immense and detailed epic-a narrative that ranges from horrible tragedy to the pinnacle of joy. No reader who enters these pages with the knowledge of what happened to the Jewish people in the darkest years of man's history will escape untouched or unchanged. Here is the experience: the suspense, the tears, the triumph of the few who struggle to escape wholesale slaughter -in the bywords of The Action-AF AL PI ("In Spite of Everything")

William Perl is more than a historian, more than a simple eyewitness. He stands among a few key figures before the war who organized and directed The Action-who played a vital role in its highest levels of operation. Using the texts of secret official memoranda, most never before published, his personal diary of the period, as well as notes and dozens of taped interviews, he presents an astounding chronicle of this unknowing aspect of the war.

Here is Perl's irrefutable case against the British government, next to the Nazis themselves probably the most deadly foes of the persecuted Jews, Here is an account of the role several eminently famous people in the furtherance of British Mideast policy. These, among other revealing facts, constitute nothing less than a bombshell.

The Four-Front War is a historical analysis of the first rank, which will alter permanently our understanding of the Holocaust.