The Five Minute Torah Portion 1

By Guy Dvir

Format: HC

Pages: 222

ISBN: 978-1568716473

Targum Press

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The Five Minute Torah Portion is a great book for people who are looking for a concise yet meaningful message about the weekly parish. Whether you are looking for an interesting idea to share at your Sabbath table, or looking to become inspired from the Torah portion, the book will surely serve your needs. The ideas discussed in each Parasha are diverse and draw from a wide range of sources. Their goal, however, is the same - to give the reader something interesting to take away from the weekly Torah portion.

Rabbi Guy Dvir is a young community and outreach Rabbi over 15 years experience working with both affiliated and less affiliated Jews in America and in Israel. His background both in Torah and philosophy, as well this is ability to connect to a wide range of audiences, contribute to his ability to deliver creative ideas that help each person grow from the weekly