The Complete How to Handbook for Jewish Living

By Kerry M. Olitzky, Ronald H. Isaacs

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 563

ISBN: 978-088-125-838-7


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In a clear and succinct step-by-step format, this one volume Complete How to Handbook for Jewish Living answers innumerable questions on how to practice Jewish rituals and customs. Encyclopedic in content, this volume draws together information you want to know but have not been able to find. Over 100 instructional illustrations and a complete index, make this book very user friendly.

Basic Berachot The Rubrics of Prayer How to Make Aliyah to the Torah Putting on Tefillin Putting on Tallit Baking and Braiding a Challah for Shabbat Lifting and Tying a Torah Chanting the Haftarah Blessing Haftarah Trope Chanting the Torah Trope Birkhat Hagomel Night Prayer Keriat Shema Al Hameeta How to Light the Shabbat Candles How to make Shabbat Evening Kiddush How to Make Havdalah Blowing a Shofer Tossing Tashlich Building a Sukkah The Four Species Assembling the Lulav Waving the Lulav Lighting a Chanukiyah How to Play the Draydel Game The Search for Chametz Making Matzah Setting the Seder Table Leading the Seder Counting the Omer Leading Birkat Hamazon Lighting the Memorial Candles How to Read a Tombstone Putting up a Mezuzah How to Dance the Hora Making a Jewish Family Tree How to Visit the Sick Tzedakah and Doing Deeds of Kindness Finding the Meaning of Your Hebrew Name Giving a Devar Torah Arranging Aliyot or How to Be a Gabbai How to Tell if a Torah is Kosher, Tallis and Tefillin Too Finding Dates on a Hebrew (Soli-Lunar) Calendar When to Say Amen and Mean It Announcing the New Month Blessing the Sun Blessing the Moon Entertaining Bride and Groom Doing Gematria Making a "Mesheberach" A Parent's Prayer for Bar/Bat Mitzvah How to Make a Blessing (or Say a Prayer Saying Selichot Starting a Jewish Library at Home Choosing a Religious School How to Celebrate a Simcha How to Welcome Friends and Neighbors you're your Home (or Rules for Jewish Etiquette) How to give Tzedakah Preparing for Shabbat Getting Ready for Rosh Hashanah How to Construct Your Own Theology Planning a Jewish Trip How to Bury Ritual Objects or Place Them in a Genizah Making a Shiva Call Sitting Shiva and Observing Sheloshim How to Write a Living Will Saying Yizkor How to Take a Dip in the Mikvah How to Save the Planet Avoiding the Evil Eye Making Teshuva How to Be a Mentch How to Bring Mashiach Instant Information Holiday How To's Life Cycle Checklists How to Interpret Dreams Ameliorate a Bad Dream Add Meaning to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Prepare a Meaningful Passover Family Seder Celebrate Lag B'Omer Improve your Derekh Eretz Annul a Vow Choose a Synagogue Do Ushpizin for Sukkot Spiritualize your Morning Waking Moments Kasher a Home Behave in a Synagogue Count a Minyan Devise a Mitavah Performance Plan Do Jewish Meditation Make a Havdalah Kit Move Towards Greater Shabbat Observance Observe Yom Hashoah Personalize a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Plan a Spiritual Trip to Israel Pray with Kavannah Start a Study Chavurah Talk to your Kids About God Use The Book Of Psalms Teach Civil Responsibility Explain Death to Children Honor the Memory of the Deceased Do an Unveiling Do a Taharah and more