The Boy Behind the Door

By Sanford L. Batkin, David Tabatsky

Format: Hardcover


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The Boy Behind the Door by Sanford L. Batkin with David Tabatsky is the true story of Alex Winter, a Dutch teenager who repeatedly evaded the Nazi dragnet and survived on his own during the German occupation of the Netherlands during World War II. Barely thirteen years old when Germany invaded Holland"in fact his Bar Mitzvah took place the morning after Hitler's panzers crossed the Dutch frontier"Alex survived in the years that followed through a combination of wit, guts, good luck, and the help given by a few courageous Dutch Christians. His mother and father, sister, and two brothers, however, were less fortunate"all were rounded up in the notorious Nazi razzias and deported to concentration camps where they died. Alex's ordeal began as he hid behind a door"the image conveyed by the title"while brutal Gestapo men took away his mother and elderly aunt. This was only the first of the many terrifying things he was to witness before the victorious Allies liberated the Netherlands. The Boy Behind the Door is a powerful and moving human document, framed in a manner that will be enlightening and easily accessible for young adults but at the same time suitable for readers of all ages.