The Book of Job

By Heinrich Guggenheimer

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 192

ISBN: 9781602804180


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This book contains a new translation of the Biblical book of Job, based on the instructions contained in the Masoretic accents and the prose frame. The main part is a poem and is being presented as such. The Masoretic poem is characterized by continuously changing verse patterns, not visible in the Greek translation which usually is the base for versions in European languages. It also is emphasized that alone among Biblical books all actors are characterized as Gentiles, with the possible exception of the person of Elihu. From the geographical description of the background it is concluded that most of the many uncommon words used in the text must be interpreted on the basis of Arabic roots. The commentary is restricted mostly to linguistic remarks; the meaning of the text is a matter of personal interpretation by the reader. Naturally the translation itself is in many cases an interpretation.

About the Author

Heinrich W. Guggenheimer is a German born (1924), Swiss educated, American mathematician, since 1989 Professor Emeritus of Polytechnic University (today Polytechnic Institute of New York University.) He received his advanced Jewish education at the Bet Midrash of Basel, Switzerland. After retirement following a successful career as research scientist, he turned his interests to Jewish subjects, writing with his wife Eva nee Horovics, ''Jewish Family Names, an etymological dictionary'' (1992, 2nd ed. 2017; German version 1996), and as sole author ''The Scholar's Haggadah'' (1995), ''Seder Olam, the rabbinic view of Biblical chronology'' (1998), a seventeen volume edition, translation, and commentary of the Jerusalem Talmud (2000-2014), ''The Songs of Psalms'' (2017), ''Reading the Torah'' (2019) and ''The Songs of Psalms'' (2020).