The Art of T'Shuva

The Teachings of HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook

By Rabbi David Samson, Tzvi Fishman

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 238

ISBN: 9789659176915


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T'shuva is the healthiest feeling possible. A healthy soul in a healthy body must necessarily bring about the great joy of t'shuva, and the soul consequently feels the greatest natural pleasure.

Even if a person cannot immediately redress all of his wrongdoings, he should know that there is great value in simply wanting to be good.

What matters the most is the striving for perfection, for the striving for perfection is perfection itself.

Every Jew has his own specific pathway to t'shuva. General T'shuvas will not suffice. Everyone has to find the path appropriate for his own unique soul and unique role in life.

The force of t'shuva, like gravity in the physical world, is built into the inner fabric of life. It stands as the impetus behind all world development and endeavor toward social improvement.

The rebirth of the Jewish nation in the Land of Israel is the foundation for the ultimate t'shuva, both for the nation of Israel and for the world.

The future will reveal the miracle of t'shuva, and this revelation will capture the whole world with an incredible fervor, far greater than all of the wonders which the world is accustomed to see.