Straight Talk

My Dilemma as a Modern Orthodox Jewish Woman

By Sally Berkovic

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Speaking to her daughters as they will be in ten years or so, Sally Berkovic writes that "the moment that Avigayil, my first born, was delivered, I had a profound religious experience. I realized that feminist theologians who claim God is a woman are fundamentally mistaken only a man would let this sort of thing happen.
I understood what Bertha Papenheim meant when she said, 'If there is to be justice in the world to come, women will be lawgivers and men will have to have babies.'" With wit and humor, warmth and a certain down-to-earth sensibility, Sally Berkovic lives out in her own life as an observant Modern Orthodox woman the contradictions between the opportunities of modern life and the constrictions of Orthodox practice.
Her book is not an ideological tract, however, but a warm, personal account of her Orthodox upbringing, and the hope she has for herself and her daughters. And speaking to them, se admits that "sometimes I feel like this life your father and I have created for you is disconnected from our own childhood experiences and caught in a timewarp as Orthodoxy fails to address the changing roles of its daughters because of that, it would be much easier to say Orthodoxy doesn't 'speak' to me, but I feel that I have the responsibility to 'speak' to Orthodoxy." This book is the result. The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Sally Berkovic grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and has lived in Jersualem and New York. She is currently based in London, and her husband an Orthodox rabbi and two daughters. A journalist and social worker, she has been published in many newspapers and magazines.