Simply Delicious: Classic Kosher Cooking

By Sara Finkel

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 278

ISBN: 978-1568714790


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When it comes to cooking, there's a lot we want. We want easy, foolproof recipes we can whip up in a hurry. We want to serve healthy food that will nourish our families. We want delicious dishes that will become family favorites. Sara Finkel's latest cookbook, 'Classic Kosher Cooking: Simply Delicious' delivers it all.

Using easy techniques, basic equipment, and ingredients you're bound to have in your kitchen, Sara Finkel helps you create mouthwatering meals in a hurry. An expert cook, she combines decades of practical experience with vast culinary knowledge to create a tantalizing collection of classic and contemporary recipes.

Here's a taste of what's inside:

  • Delicious dishes for Shabbos, every day, & holidays
  • Over 300 tried-and-tested recipes
  • Excellent and elegant holiday menus
  • Invaluable section on microwave cooking
  • Expert articles on nutrition and tradition
  • Helpful tips and handy hints

Sara Finkel's first cookbook, 'Classic Kosher Cooking', has been a bestseller and all-time favorite in Jewish homes throughout the world. This wonderful collection of new recipes offers the same ease of preparation and spectacular results that made her first book famous. Whether you're a novice cook looking for good recipes that never fail, or an accomplished chef seeking fresh ideas, you'll find 'Classic Kosher Cooking: Simply Delicious' a virtual treasure trove.