Siddur Or Shalom

for Shabbat and Festivals

By Daniel Pressman, Ronald Isaacs

Format: Hardcover



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Or Shalom is a fully transliterated prayer book for Shabbat and Festivals. Its authors are the team of Rabbi Dan Pressman and Rabbi Ron Isaacs. The siddur is ideal for use as a supplement to the Conservative Movement's Siddur Sim Shalom and to those who are newcomers to Judaism in the setting of a Beginners Minyan. In addition the siddur will benefit interfaith couples who would surely welcome the transliteration and prayer explanations and commentary. The siddur might also lend itself to those synagogues who have alternative minyanim.
Siddur Or Shalom has many unique features. It has an original and highly readable gender-neutral English translation for the prayers of both Shabbat morning and Shabbat Mincha. The siddur is fully transliterated and linear in set up with numerous kavanot and clear and insightful prayer explanations that will assist worshipers in enjoying their prayer experience to the fullest. Additionally, there are special readings for all of the Jewish holidays throughout the year.