Siddur Alats Libbi (Hebrew with English Introduction)

Edited by Rabbi Isaac Sassoon, Rabbi Steven H. Golden

Pages: 276

ISBN: 978-1-60280-498-2


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Edited by Rabbi Isaac Sassoon and Rabbi Steven H. Golden 

Prayer counts.

For many it counts far too much to be reduced to an exercise in mouthing liturgical formulae. Some would have us treat prayer as incantations that work their spell through the utterance of allegedly efficacious words. The sages of old did not conceive of Jewish prayer as incantation, but as ‘service of the heart’ and as a vehicle through which we are invited to speak our hearts before Hashem. 

Study of the liturgy’s history led to the realization that its ancient and inviolate core remains its most relevant component. However, this prayer book, despite its predilection for older forms (notably those embedded in Talmudic literature), is no antiquarian project. 

A great diversity of prayer books exists; each of them answering, no doubt, to the religious and human aspirations of its users. Those who have used this prayer book (or variants thereof) over the past decade report less dissonance between themselves and their words, and progress towards a state of פה ולב שוים.  Who knows, but what if there are others - individuals or congregations - for whom it might prove meaningful. 

Alats Libbi (My Heart Rejoices) is the result of long years of research and contemplative delving.  More decisive has been Hashem’s gift of סייעתא דשמיא.