Seven Steps to “Mentschhood”

How to Help Your Child Become a Mentsch

By Stanley H. Fischman

Format: Softcover

Pages: 144

ISBN: 13: 978-1-936068-23-4


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by Stanley H. Fischman
Softcover, 144 pages
Penina Press
Publication: 2012
ISBN 13: 978-1-936068-23-4

Seven Steps to Mentschhood teaches the path toward becoming a "mentsch" both in and out of school. Directly connected to the student's real-life conduct, it is based upon six verses from the Torah and one from Proverbs. The "steps" follow a logical pattern from less to more challenging, and their aim is to enable a child to develop an intrinsic sense of "doing the right thing" on his or her own initiative.
About the Author:
A Jewish educator for four decades, Stanley Fischman currently serves as Director of General Studies of Ben Porat Yosef in Paramus, New Jersey. He served as Principal and Head of School of Westchester Day School, and prior to that as Assistant Principal and Principal of the Jewish Foundation School of Staten Island. He is also an Adjunct Instructor at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration of Yeshiva University.
Praise for Seven Steps to Mentschhood:
"Raising a 'mentsch' is something we all strive for, but most of us are resigned to the fact that middos are something that are difficult to convey in a systematic fashion. This book allows parents and educators to approach the teaching of "mentschlechkeit" with the tools to accomplish their objective."
-Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, Founder and Dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey, NY, Director of Project Y.E.S.
"Grounded in Jewish wisdom and sound pedagogic principles, Stanley Fischman's Seven Steps to Mentschhood is a hands-on and workable approach to teaching our children core ethical values. Mr. Fischman guides parents in an engaging and practical step-by-step process."
-David Pelcovitz, PhD, Professor, Straus Chair in Education, Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, Yeshiva University
"In Seven Steps to Mentschhood, Stanley Fischman draws upon his vast experience as an educator to provide valuable assistance to parents, teachers and to children in this enormous task of achieving this transformation."
-Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD, Author, Founder and Medical Director of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, Pittsburgh, PA