Seek Out the Living Light

By Rabbi Israel Lipschitz Commentary and Notes by Sholom Praver

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Pages: 588

ISBN: 978-1-56871-708-1

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By: Rabbi Israel Lipschitz

Commentary and Notes by: Sholom Praver


An Evidence-Based Study on Resurrection and the Eternality of the Soul 

“... when I open your graves and lift you, My People, out of your tombs,

I will place My essence within you

and you shall live,

I will set you upon your own soil.

fully sentient that I, God, have spoken

and that I have fulfilled, declares God."
- Ezekiel, 37:13-14

“I believe with complete faith,
there will be revival of the dead
arising at a fortuitous time of the Creator’s doing,
may His Name be Blessed,
and may His remembrance arise forever
and all eternity.”
- Maimonides, From the Thirteen Fundamentals of Faith


“The canon for these principles constitutes a source of life
for all humanity.”
- Tifereth Israel, Drush Ohr HaChaim