Sacred Scrolls in Plain English

The Books of Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations, Ruth, and Proverbs

By Aaron Lichtenstein

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 114

ISBN: 9781602803121


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Translated into clear and comprehensive English by a professor of English and scholar of the Bible, Sacred Scrolls in Plain English presents a whole new and widely accessible understanding of the short biblical books of Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Proverbs, Ruth, and Lamentations. ­These books are part of the ancient wisdom literature of the Bible, and contain colorful and heartfelt stories of the past as well as advice and guidance for living. 

About the author
Aaron Lichtenstein is the author of ­The Book of Psalms in Plain English and Reading the Sacred Text. He teaches at the City University of New York, and has taught at New York University, Yeshiva University, University of Denver, Jews' College (London), and Yeshiva Hechal HaTorah. He was also staff editor at the Encyclopedia Judaica and authored a dozen of its articles. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.  

Praise for The Book of Psalms in Plain English:
"I cannot imagine anyone seriously interested in prayer and in the constant use of Tehillim [Psalms] as a means to express our deepest yearnings who will not find this translation of great interest. Yeats said, 'Out of the quarrel we have with others we make rhetoric; out of the quarrel we have with ourselves we make poetry.' For some, this translation will produce much rhetoric, but for others it will speak with the poetry of their selves. As such, it is worth serious consideration." 

-Rabbi Dr. David Ebner, Jewish Action magazine