SACRED INSIGNIA: The Spiritual Significance of Brit Milah

Sacred Insignia: The Spiritual Significance of Brit Milah, Circumcision, and the Sacred Sexual Relationship Between Men and Women

By Rabbi Elihu Moshe Gevirtz

Format: HC

Pages: 456

ISBN: 978-1-60280-436-4


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Sacred Insignia reveals ancient wisdom regarding the spiritual signi­ficance of Brit Milah (Jewish circumcision) in gentle, accessible language, using hundreds of sources from the bible, the Kabbalah, and many generations of rabbis. According to the Kabbalah, Brit Milah is a reshima kadisha, “sacred insignia,” that Jewish males embody, imprinting holiness that is ever-present in lovemaking, creating children, and in all aspects of life. It is a spiritual opening, cultivating kindness, and enabling revelation of the Divine. Furthermore, it is linked to sacred, consensual, earthy, passionate, and pleasurable sexuality between husband and wife. Other aspects of Brit Milah and topics related to sexuality are also discussed. The text of the ceremony as well as suggestions for a meaningful and spiritual ceremony round out this vital and compelling book.


“A most remarkable exploration, from the most intimate to the most mystical. I highly recommend this book for all parents who are concerned about whether to perform it on their sons and ask why, and for all Jewish clergy to study and learn.” –Rabbi Stan LevyCongregation B’nai Horin, Los Angeles, California

“This courageous, forthright yet sensitive work refreshingly illumines the profound spiritual signifi­cance of Jewish circumcision and its practical influence on all aspects of our characters and behavior, and particularly upon the marital relationship and the building of our homes, our families, and our people. It will surely inspire Jewish couples facing the circumcision of a newborn baby and set to rest any anxieties they may experience.” –Rabbi Avraham GreenbaumAzamra Institute, Jerusalem, Israel

“May all people struggling with sexuality’s place in the spiritual life read this book. I bless the author that the message of this holy book be spread far and wide.” –Rabbi Avraham SuttonJerusalem, Israel

“Rabbi Gevirtz has given the Jewish people a profound gift that will be read by generations.” –Rabbi Stephen RobbinsTemple N’vay Shalom, Los Angeles, California 

“This book is full of light and full of wisdom. It is truly the opus of a lifetime. For those of us who are wanting to understand Brit Milah more deeply, and deepen our love for this mitzvah, this is a phenomenal work, a compendium of great study and Torah erudition.” –Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD., Rabbi Emerita, Congregation Nevei Kodesh, Boulder, Colorado