Rav Shalom Banayikh

Essays Presented to Rabbi Shalom Carmy by Friends and Students in Celebration of Forty Years of Teaching

By Shalom Carmy

Edited by Hayyim J. Angel, Yitzchak Blau

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Rav Shalom Banayikh
Essays Presented to Rabbi Shalom Carmy by Friends and Students in Celebration of Forty Years of Teaching
Edited by
Hayyim Angel and Yitzchak Blau
"Rabbi Eleazar said in the name of Rabbi Hanina: The disciples of the wise increase peace in the world, as it says, And all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children' (ve-rav shelom banayikh, Isaiah 44:13). Read not banayikh [your children] but bonayikh [your builders]" (Berakhot 64a).
A teacher's teacher, Rabbi Shalom Carmy has many children, students who admire him and whose contributions reflect his religious and educational legacy.
This volume includes the following articles:
Norman Lamm, Foreword
Richard Joel, Foreword
Hayyim Angel and Yitzchak Blau, Introduction
Aharon Lichtenstein, Criticism and Kitvei Ha-kodesh

Hayyim Angel, "The Righteous Shall Live By His Faith": Habakkuk and the Problem of Theodicy
Yitzchak Blau, Oral Cultures and the Benefit of an Oral Law
Mali Brofsky, Rav Soloveitchik's Philosophy of Suffering from a Psychosocial Perspective
Erica Brown, Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Judges 9 and the need for Constitutional Monarchy
Yaakov Elman, The Emotional Palette of the Grodno School: Ye'ush and Hefker
David C. Flatto, A Divine Compromise: Bringing Hezekiah and Isaiah Together
Asher Friedman, The MisInterpretation of Dreams: Yosef Listens to God's Silence
Mark Gottlieb, Myths, Models, and the Tao: The Historical Consciousness of C.S. Lewis
Nathaniel Helfgot, Why of All Things a "Golden Calf"?
William L. Lee, President Bernard Revel's Triple Program: Inventing "Jewish and Semitic Studies" for the Original 1928-1929 Yeshiva College Curriculum
Amichai Levy and Yamin Levy, Solemn Space: Praying at Cemeteries and the Prohibition of Loeg L'rash
R. R. Reno, Loving the Law: What Christians Can learn from Jews
Jeffrey Saks, The Language of Babel: At the Tower with Rashi, Ramban, Netsiv, and Orwell
Benjamin J. Samuels, The Problem of Pain in the Book of Job
David Shatz, The Seeming Disconnect Between Ritual Observance and Moral Behavior
Baruch Sterman and Judy Taubes Sterman, Freebird: The Strange Case of the Bird That Lived
Alex Sztuden, Why Are There Stories in Halakhic Man?
Ephraim Unterman, Can Divine Disclosure Transpire in Doctrine? Easing the Tension between Doctrine and Experience in the Thought of Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Daniel Vinik, Hyperdialectical Development in Rav Kook's Kovets Vav:
Exemplifying Personal Religious Growth in the Reflective Dimension
Avraham Walfish, Standing Before God as a Halakhic and Theological Idea: A Comparative Analysis of Mishna and Tosefta
Joel B. Wolowelsky, Abraham's Stories
This volume was assembled in honor of Rabbi Carmy, who has taught at Yeshiva University for forty years. It contains a wide array of essays by his students, peers, and teachers. The range and sophistication of the topics, and the broad reading of the authors within their articles, are tributes to Rabbi Carmy's unique style of teaching coupled with his outstanding depth and breadth of knowledge.