Rav Chesed

The Life and Times of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein

By Rafael Medoff

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Rav Chesed
The Life and Times of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein
Rafael Medoff
During a career of more than half a century on American Jewry's front lines, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein has distinguished himself as the dynamic leader of one of America's most important synagogues, New York City's Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, the influential principal of Ramaz, one of the premier yeshiva day schools in the Jewish community, a passionate voice for moderation and tolerance in the Jewish world, and a tireless activist for the liberation of Soviet Jewry from its oppressors and the defense of Israel from its detractors.
Rav Chesed is the study of this unique rabbi, educator, and leader who has devoted his life to the principle of doing chesed, acts of lovingkindness, for those near and far. Expertly weaving together interviews and rare historical documents from the earliest days of Rabbi Lookstein's career, historian Rafael Medoff places the Lookstein story in the context of the forces and trends that have shaped the ever-changing American Jewish community since the 1930's. This is the story of a man and his times--an extraordinary man whose vision, commitment, and deeds have helped shape our times in so many ways.
Praise for Rav Chesed
In the twentieth century, there have been many defenders of Judaism, and Rabbi Haskel Lookstein has always been on the front line. Rav Chesed: The Life and Times of Rabbi Haskel Lookstein is a biography of this champion of Israel, whose main efforts were to protect the rights of Soviet Jews. Telling of his life, deeds, and his philosophies, anyone of the Jewish faith looking for a role model need to look no further. A superbly researched and written biography by Rafael Medoff, Rav Chesed is a story of a great man, highly recommended reading, and an core addition to personal, academic, and community library Judaic Studies and Judaic Biography collections.
~ Midwest Book Review