Rabbinic Authority Vol.2

The Vision and the Reality, Beit Din Decisions in English

By A. Yehuda Warburg

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 367

ISBN: 978-965-524-213-3


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"Rabbinic Authority" is a series with multiple volumes which are sold separately.

In the second volume of his groundbreaking series on rabbinic authority in English, Rabbi Warburg continues his in-depth discussion of rabbinical court arbitration decisions. He is the first rabbinic arbitrator to publish Piskei Din on cases in Jewish civil law. It is important that those who interact with the institution of a Beit Din know the inner dynamics and reasoning of those who issue rulings. This volume focuses on a number of topics such as the halakhic identity of an investment broker, the propriety of a civil will, contemporary issues relating to domestic violence, and the role of a rabbinical advocate in the Beit Din process. These topics and more are closely examined in "Rabbinic Authority" volume 2.