Rabbi Haim David Halevy: Gentle Scholar and Courageous Thinker

By Marc D. Angel and Hayyim J. Angel

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 221

ISBN: 9789657108826


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This book discusses the life of Rabbi Halevy, who represented the best in the Sephardic tradition of the Judeo-Spanish Sephardim. The authors provide an analysis of the teachings of Rabbi Halevy on a wide range of topics: confronting modernity, rabbinic responsibility and authority, metaphysical issues, questions of faith, the role of customs, Jewish education, governing the Jewish State, and more. Rabbi Halevy was a gentle, thoughtful scholar. He was also a courageous thinker who was not afraid to consider old questions in a new light, and to break new ground in the field of Torah studies.