Prophecies for the Era of Muslim Terror

A Torah Perspective on World Events

By Rabbi Menachem Kohen

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 224

ISBN: 9780978833800


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See where & how Torah prophesied:

- The attack on the Twin Towers (date & number of buildings)
- The unrelenting efforts to dismantle Jewish Israel
- The invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq by Coalition forces
- Saddam Hussein's fall from power and its year
- Operation Desert Storm (the code-name & combatants)

Dozens of actualized prophecies are discussed in this unusual book. In a comprehensive manner, this book treats the real issues behind: the long-standing Arab-Israeli quagmire & the increasing number of Muslim terror wars worldwide. Many authors have analyzed the volatile situation in the Middle East, but Rabbi Menachem Kohen's book is unique because startling documentation is presented from sources that are usually overlooked from Torah, as well as from participants and eyewitnesses.

Many books have been published on the topic, but few from the perspective of Torah prophecy. Rabbi Kohen clearly demonstrates that: World events are not coincidental or haphazard & the Almighty is intervening in accordance with that which has already been recorded as prophecy. This is an electrifying book that will be read again and again, because it will also bolster spirits during these unbelievably terrifying times.