Perspectives on the Parasha (2 Volume set)

By Sharon Rimon

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9789657513897


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This book strives to take the reader through a learning process that is both deep and user-friendly in a central theme of the weekly Torah portion. In order to promote this learning, each chapter presents opening questions that foster independent thinking and help to create order and clarity, while serving as the basis for continued study. The reader is invited to contemplate these topics with the help of these questions. It is also possible to utilize the questions as a foundation for family discourse surrounding the Shabbat table.

In order to answer the questions that are raised, we will hold a kind of “brainstorming” session, learning together with Torah giants through the generations. Beginning with study of the literal meaning of the verses, we will continue by delving deeper into the insights of our Sages and commentators that discuss a variety of ideas and approaches to the narrative – in learning methodologies as well as in building the spiritual world of every Jew. Citing an array of commentators for each question broadens the study and understanding and opens minds to different possibilities and directions. Out of these varied possibilities, we will attempt to create a sequential process leading to a deeply meaningful concept that clarifies and illuminates each topic.

About the Author

Sharon Rimon – B.Ed. from Michlala Jerusalem, M.A. in Tanach from MATAN (in cooperation with Baltimore University), Teacher of Tanach in Women’s Seminars, Writer and Content Editor of the Tanach website of Herzog Academic College.