Principles of Philosophy

By Reuven Agushewitz

Translated by Mark Steiner

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Principles of Philosophy
Rabbi Reuven Agushewitz
Translated from the Yiddish by Mark Steiner
Principles of Philosophy is an attempt, by a self-taught genius, to persuade the Yiddish speaking public that philosophy has not lost its central importance vis a vis both religion and science. He does this, first, by identifying religion with philosophy--and he is the first Orthodox rabbi since Maimonides to do so. Next, he argues that philosophical principles, which are broader than those of science, are at the basis of all existence, and that the same principles that account for the organization of matter can account for the varieties of human organization (and disorganization). He argues, finally, that the study of philosophy itself can lead to the weakening of egotism and the strengthening of altruism.
Praise for Principles of Philosophy
Mark Steiner translates Principles of Philosophy from the Yiddish and provides Agushewitz's argument to Yiddish speakers that philosophy has not paled in its importance to both religion and science. He identifies religion with philosophy, then argues that the basic principles of philosophy are linked to religion at the key of life - and that its study can lead to strengthening altruistic behaviors. Judaic studies collections - particularly those strong in scholarly studies - will welcome this.
~Midwest Book Review